Fully Integrated Network

For Spas, Department Stores, Pharmacies and Specialty Stores

Spas Institutes & Salons

One-to-One Service - In a highly competitive and saturated market, the North American Spa Industry requires ongoing support and catering to help each Spa remain distinctive. With new locations opening and closing every day, investments into

Masson Agencies has a Sales Team covering Coast to Coast Canada & USA, all of which are professionally trained estheticians, with ongoing in-house sales trainings. Our team knows that every independent and every chain has different needs, and different clients. That's why our Sales Team is backed by our professional customer service staff and brand trainers. Having the right information on time is commitment to our excellent customer service.


1000+ doors - In a high mass and competitive market, it takes an enormous amount of human resources, coordination and investments to compete against the biggest multinationals in the industry. Where marketing and promotion is king, it takes the right know-how to penetrate and stay present. With over 20 years experience in pharmacy distribution, Masson Agencies has developed and networked with a team of over 25 brokers and agents across Canada.

Department Stores

Behind the Counter - In a high investment market, it takes constant re-staffing, custom merchandising, impeccable displaying and fast response to keep up their needs. Where all brands want an entry, only a select are granted.

Masson Agencies has the right contacts and trusted name to get to the buyers table.

Masson Agencies has worked with all major department stores in North America.

Specialty Stores

Small but significant - Perfumeries, health and concept stores are a highly customized segment of the beauty market. They often require exclusivity, and don't necessarily commit to full catalogues, or high volumes.

Masson Agencies only devotes specialty products or exclusivity brands to these stores, and knows that making choosing the right product, is not always possible.