Juvena, Youthful <span>Attitude</span>

Juvena, Youthful Attitude

The name JUVENA comes from the Latin “juvenalis“ – youthfulness – and is both a vision and a promise.

The brand has been an expert in anti-aging cosmetics for over 50 years. But for JUVENA, youthful radiance also has to do with attitude and bearing. Everything that characterizes a women – her thoughts, the swing in her step, the sparkle in her eyes and the radiance of her skin – together form her overall attractiveness.

To express this youthful attitude at every age, JUVENA has integrated the unique SkinNova SC Technology into all its face care products. This technology supports the skin’s hydration, the source of fresh, new skin, and protects against the abuse of the elements – with sensational results: the skin is demonstrably improved.

Create <span>Fresh, New</span> Skin.

Create Fresh, New Skin.

JUVENA combines the SkinNova SC Technology with a variety of other highly effective substances, used accordingly in the different face care ranges to meet your specific skin needs. Celebrate your fresh, new skin at any age.

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