MAVALA is a philosophy

Throughout the world and for more than 50 years, the name MAVALA has become synonymous with quality thanks to its specific and high performing care and beauty products, developped in MAVALA's scientific Laboratories, concentrating their efforts on innovation and search for perfection.

Nail care and beauty

MAVALA, specialist in care and beauty of nails, offers a complete range of products that respond to all nail types. Because of its concern to innovate and to offer solutions to the various nail situations of customers, MAVALA is the most extensive brand in the nail care industry today.

Hand care and beauty
In natural line with nail care and beauty, MAVALA offers a range of specific products - the MAVALA Hand Care Programme - based on specifics ingredients which had never been used before in hand treatment.

EYE-LITE eyelashes care
With the same enthusiasm, professionalism and savoir-faire than for nail products, MAVALA has been developing an assortment of products for eye care (the EYE-LITE range) since 1967.

MAVALA's History

The company MAVALA S.A., was founded in Switzerland, in 1958 by Mrs MAdeleine VAn LAndegham.

Today, MAVALA International S.A. has four subsidiaries, settled in France, England, Germany and USA, and has an effective system of about a hundred exclusive distributors who distribute MAVALA products in 110 different countries.

In 1969, MAVALA started its first professional manicure school in London.

Since 1994, the company works in close collaboration with thirty French esthetic schools in which manicure is taught using its products and following its methods.

All products are still developed and manufactured in Geneva (Switzerland), in conformity with the most rigorous quality standards and regulations.

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