Marine <span>Beauty</span>

Marine Beauty

The sea has always been a source of vital energy for men, able to regenerate them physically and mentally. As the sea revitalizes the body and mind, THALGO has always associated efficiency and well-being.

THALGO infuses this marine energy through cosmetics, food supplements and protocols that revitalize body and mind. You radiate a new beauty: luminous, dynamic, solar.

An integrated <span>research laboratory</span>

An integrated research laboratory

The THALGO laboratory relies on a multidisciplinary scientific team including pharmacists, research engineers, microbiologists and biochemists.

They work closely with expert psychologists and experienced dermatologists to develop active ingredients and formulas that are always more efficient.

The 5 THALGO commitments

Clean Ocean
We carry out regular beach cleaning operations thanks to more than 300 committed THALGO employees.

Green Pack
Our cases and POS are from eco-managed forests. We are committed to reducing plastic and improving the recyclability of our packaging.

Clean Beauty
We integrate ocean-friendly ingredients as much as possible and we reduce controversial substances.

Green Factory
We limit energy expenditure and the discharge of polluting particles by using green energies. We minimize our ecological footprint by also promoting the recycling of materials and reducing water consumption.

Corporate Social Responsibility
We produce renewable energy through our industrial site. We adopt the right actions with the use of reusable bottles and reduce our printing and waste.

Our clients review Thalgo

My new favorite moisturizer! It dries and absorbs into my skin much quicker than other creams and makes it soft to the touch and I never wake up with an oily forehead like I would with other creams

I turn 29 in a few months and have been looking for a good skin care product for ages and highly recommend Thalgo.

This cream helps my skin to stay hydrated all day long and I have seen some improvements with my fine lines on my forehead. I will definitely be using this cream from now on. Gorgeous texture! It seems to work slightly. The container is purple!

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