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Market and brand builder for beauty & skin care products

Our fully integrated network allows us to develop large and niche markets for our partner brands. Rely on our expertise to grow your audience, your visibility and the locations at which customers can find your products.

Spas Institutes & Salons

One-to-One Service - In a highly competitive and saturated market, the North American Spa Industry requires ongoing support and catering to help each Spa remain distinctive.

Masson Ltd has a Sales Team covering Coast to Coast Canada & USA, all of which are professionally trained estheticians, with ongoing in-house sales trainings. Our team knows that every independent and every chain has different needs, and different clients. That's why our Sales Team is backed by our professional customer service staff and brand trainers. Our excellent customer service is committed to providing the right information, on time.

Spas Institutes & Salons

Pharmacies & Drug Stores

10,000+ doors - In a high mass and competitive market, it takes an enormous amount of human resources, coordination and investments to compete against the biggest multinationals in the industry. Where marketing and promotion is king, it takes the right know-how to penetrate and stay present. With over 20 years of experience in pharmacy distribution, Masson Ltd. has developed and networked a national team of brokers and agents across North America.

Pharmacies & Drug Stores

Department Stores

Behind the Counter - In a high investment market, it takes constant re-staffing, custom merchandising, impeccable displaying and fast response to meet the needs of the store, and the consumer.

Where all brands want an entry, only a select are granted. Masson Ltd. has the right contacts and trusted name to get to the buyers table.

Masson Ltd. has worked with all major department stores in North America.

Department Stores

Natural & Health Food Stores

In the fastest growing market for groceries & convenience goods, you will find the fastest growing segment in skin care: Natural.

Masson Ltd is at the forefront of this industry, and has strong and growing partnerships with all the major players, and the many independents that make up the traditional health food boutique market.

Natural & Health Food Stores

Specialty Stores

Small but significant - Perfumeries, health and concept stores are a highly customized segment of the beauty market. They often require exclusivity, and don't necessarily commit to full catalogues, or high volumes.

Masson Ltd. only devotes specialty products or exclusivity brands to this market, and knows how to adapt to custom needs.

Specialty Stores

Trust Our Specialists

For Careful Handling of Temperature Controlled and Fragile Products

Our Logistics Centers are fully equipped and modernized to ensure your products remain temperate, clean, undamaged and handled securely. Fully certified in accordance to industry and regulatory standards, we can ensure safe warehousing and transport of special need goods. We are C-TPAT certified by US customs, and also have the NPN certification and Medical device importation license from Health Canada.

Our on-site assembly teams are ready to manipulate unfinished manufacturing or promotional products for your customized marketing requirements.

MA Logistics also offers Drop Ship services for brands who want to Sell or Develop direct.


What our clients had to say

My new favorite moisturizer! It dries and absorbs into my skin much quicker than other creams and makes it soft to the touch and I never wake up with an oily forehead like I would with other creams

I turn 29 in a few months and have been looking for a good skin care product for ages and highly recommend Thalgo.

This cream helps my skin to stay hydrated all day long and I have seen some improvements with my fine lines on my forehead. I will definitely be using this cream from now on. Gorgeous texture! It seems to work slightly. The container is purple!

The only thing that has helped my 2 year old! I wish If I would have only found it earlier to save my troubles! Thank you for such a great product!

My son has extremely dry skin since he was born! After trying several products, a friend told us about Mustela, and we haven’t looked back since! 19 months later, and Stelatopia products are still the only products that are able to keep his skin under control. We are always sure to keep a backup on hand, so that we never run out!

I love the Hydra Bebe Lotion and the gentle scent that stays with my baby after her bath. Also, I’ve noticed that any itching caused to dryness that is present at the beginning of bath time is gone by the end.

Force Vitale Aqua Vitale Cream 24 became one of my favorite face skin care products. It absorbs really well. I love the way it feels on my skin. It has a great hydrating effect and leaves your face so silky smooth, soft, and fresh. I also love the refreshing scent.

A very nice discovery after trying so many different resurfacing product. After a one month treatment, my skin looks definitely more radiant and glowy. I see less pores and fine lines disappeared. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for more radiance, healthy looking skin and anti-aging.

I have been using Cell Shock 360º Anti-Wrinkle Eye Zone Serum ( triple collagen infusion) for the last 4 weeks. It works. I mean as all Swiss line products the effect is almost immediate. The fine wrinkles turns out to be invisible. I am really very pleased with the product.

Swissline has been a great addition here at Spa Chateau Elan. Our clients and staff love the products. We look forward to much more success our goal is to enhance women’s life through great skincare

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For more information on our products, or for technical questions regarding a particular ingredient or product, please feel free to contact us, and one of our specialists will be glad to assist you.

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