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Mary Cohr

Mary Cohr looks to nature for the best beauty ingredients to help women. Mary Cohr was the first brand in beauty salons to create beauty treatments with extract ingredients kept as close as possible to their natural form for maximum benefits.

Drawing on three core values – safe, effective and natural Mary Cohr selects plants from which to extract ingredients, which are then added to products in the highest possible concentrations to ensure the best beauty results.

At the forefront of cutting-edge research in beauty and skincare, the Mary Cohr brand continues to make great strides in the science of beauty, allowing Beauty Therapists to offer women spectacular beauty results.

Mary Cohr’s innovation lies in its unique, exclusive beauty treatments, which bring together patented technologies and professional aromatherapy practices.

The Beauty Therapist’s expert manoeuvres combined with the cosmetic properties of Essential Oils and other natural ingredients allow women to see changes in just one hour that they had never seen before.

Featured Products

Mary Cohr treatment products are derived from science and nature and formulated by a leading-edge cosmetics laboratory. Mary Cohr creates and manufactures high-tech treatment formulas in a laboratory that meets exacting pharmaceutical standards.

The Products

The Products

Innovative Skincare Products- From Consultation To Prescription
High-tech skincare formulas manufactured in the Mary Cohr Laboratory, in France, in compliance with pharmaceutical standards.

The Mary Cohr Laboratories use innovative ingredients to create highly effective formulas for their skincare products.

Cosmetic products that help preserve the skin’s youthful appearance. Safe, high-tech formulas in compliance with certified quality standards. Performance ingredients chosen from the heart of nature and skincare products formulated with 95% ingredients of natural origin.

The Salon

The Salon

The beauty salon is a place for treatments and advice, where women can freely express their desire for beauty and youth with a beauty expert, the Beauty Therapist.

For over 30 years, Mary Cohr Beauty Therapists have been committed to helping make women all over the world more beautiful through a variety of treatment techniques carried out manually or with machines.

Beauty therapists have knowledge of various skincare techniques ranging from Aromatherapy to Essential Oils, which treatments incorporate to ensure maximum effectiveness.

After a beauty consultation, the Beauty Therapist draws up a personalized treatment that takes your beauty objectives into account.

At the end of the treatment, you and your Beauty Therapist will suggest personalized treatment products in order to help achieve and maintain your beauty objectives over the long term.

The Laboratory

The Laboratory

Mary Cohr formulates and manufactures its products in accordance with precise, rigorous pharmaceutical standards.

This certification guarantees high manufacturing standards: clean rooms, pure water that is continuously monitored, double weighing and the traceability of each product.

ISO 14001 is based on continuous improvement of environmental performance by controlling the environmental impact resulting from the company's business.

Mary Cohr's commitment is therefore twofold: continued progress and regulatory compliance.

The Technology

The Technology

Mary Cohr’s innovation lies in its unique and exclusive Beauty Treatments, performed using patented machines. Innovative devices used for the new revolutionary salon treatments. Mary Cohr Beauty Therapists help enhance women’s Beauty by prescribing the most suitable treatments for visible results. They have received high quality training in unique and exclusive protocols, using both manual and machine techniques.

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For more information on our products, or for technical questions regarding a particular ingredient or product, please feel free to contact us, and one of our specialists will be glad to assist you.

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