Skin is Our Expertise

Innovative and sophisticated French skincare brand Institut Esthederm describes the skin as an 'ecosystem' a fragile active organ and thus treat it with respect. They consider the interactions between skin and the environment allowing it to adapt it to that environment. Skin evolves over time so Institut Esthederm have developed systems that also take into account the cycles of life. Institut Esthederm products are made from traceable selected and tested actives that act on the skin whilst respecting its natural form and delaying premature aging. Each Institut Esthederm formula contains Cellular Water the first and only replica of the skin's water and created to replenish the skin's vitality. Institut Esthederm cutaneous ecology at its best.

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The Art of Tanning

Institut Esthederm's suncare products protect youthfulness and can change your skin's fate when it comes to sun exposure. Since its foundation, Institut Esthederm's research has enabled major scientific breakthroughs which now mean that Esthederm’s sun protection products are some of the most highly effective youth-preserving products on the market. Institut Esthederm has designed its suncare offer around 4 different skin types and 4 levels of sun intensity: Tolerant skin tans quickly, is generally sallow and rarely gets sunburned. Sensitive but tolerant skin burns faster than it tans. Pale or milky skin reddens quickly, like that of young children. Intolerant skin has an abnormal reaction to sun exposure, causing redness, a burning sensation and discomfort. Sun-deficient skin has been weakened by medication or hormonal treatments, or that of pregnant women or women with scars or dark spots.

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