Skin is our profession

Skin is our profession

Our long experience in professional aesthetics means that you can rest assured we will look after your skin. In our hands, your skin will learn day after day to adapt to the environment and resist the test of time.

This new approach, which helps your skin renew itself day after day, gives it time to be beautiful.

Cellular Water: A Worldwide Patent

Cellular Water: A Worldwide Patent

Water can take the form of a liquid, solid or gas.
But there is a fourth state that it can take – known as “interstitial” – which is the water contained in our bodies – physiological water. Related to cell metabolism, it is the vital element that ensures the function, health and beauty of our skin.

Inspired by this water that is naturally present in the skin, Institut Esthederm has developed Cellular Water, which consists of ingredients similar to the components of interstitial water, which is vital for life.

Blending perfectly with the skin, it optimizes its metabolism and helps protect its youthfulness.

“Water is the leading ingredient in cosmetics by volume.”
Around 70% for creams and more for lotions. Distilled water, traditionally used by the majority of skincare brands, acts as a neutral excipient only.

“Using cellular water as the only water in the formula makes it 70% more effective.”

Our clients review Institut Esthederm

My skin looks so good. It has never been so clear with this skincare line and I’ve only been using it for 2 weeks. My pores are smaller and my skin is so smooth. I love it.

I took a huge risk buying this because of the off-putting price tag, but it really paid off! I’ve never seen such a big difference so soon. Let’s say I had started using on Monday and on Friday I saw a noticeable improvement in the texture of my skin.

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