A Leader in Market Development

- Since 1957 -

For over 60 years Masson Agencies has served as Distributor and Brand Developer for a multitude of international brands in the beauty industry. Over that time, we have positioned ourselves as an expert on skin care and cosmetics in the mass, luxury and specialized markets. Our team can develop localized marketing strategies that correspond to your brand's positioning and market segment.

Our experience has allowed us to successfully launch brand partnerships with major pharmacy and drugstore chains, premier department stores as well as prestigious esthetic spas, beauty salons and medi-spas across North America.

Strategically located by the Port of Montreal, Masson Agencies can offer immediate competitive advantages such as minimizing import costs. It’s our experience, contacts, and personal approach that make us so efficient in market penetration for the development of new and specialized brands. Thanks to our Top to Bottom supply chain, we have all the necessary tools to cater to your specific needs.

Our History

Founded in 1957 by two brothers and an uncle, Masson Agencies Ltd began as a Canadian distributor of perfumes and fragrances. Jean-Pierre and Guy Masson teamed up with Lucien Masson who at the time was the exclusive Canadian distributor of the legendary Nina Ricci’s Coeur Joie sold in its famous crystal bottle by Marc Lalique. As the company’s name began to establish itself throughout many department stores, the Masson team was greeted by another icon, Hubert de Givenchy. Together they developed and establish the success of the perfume brand throughout

Cœur-Joie by Nina Ricci

Masson Agencies continued to grow its portfolio with well-known fragrances like Gucci and English Leather, and even acquired its own brand Kanon Cologne. With the introduction of Jean-Pierre’s three children into the company, Masson Agencies began its own venture into firsthand experience of marketing, research & development, branding and even manufacturing. Although Kanon was again sold in 2000.. it served a great education and experience for building the extensive expertise of today’s team.

Three generations of Massons review the firm’s latest brand expansions

As the market of the fragrance industry began to change in the late 1980’s, Masson was quick to realize the opportunities in the emerging Cosmetics market. With several European brands under its title, Masson began to expand outside the department store market and into the Spa Industry, as well as across the boarder and into the United States.

Masson owned Fragrance brand advertised for the Eaton’s department stores

Today the company is currently being run by the third and fourth generation of family members, and is successfully distributing and helping brands launch their products all across North America. With a complete portfolio of brands, contacts and experience; Masson now sells and distributes to Pharmacies, Department Stores, Hair Salons, Spas & Estheticians and even Perfumeries & Specialty Stores.

Masson Agencies promoting the Nimue brand at the toronto esthétique Spa International convention

Corporate Mission

Masson Agences Ltd is committed to developing reliable and performing products of international reputation. With connections to all facets of the beauty industry Masson has the right tools and know-how to take existing brands and grow their sales, customer base and network into a national icon.

Our persistent efforts to stay up-to-date with the market, our French European ancestral heritage, and our American experience is what makes this family a unique and crafted team.

- Jacques Masson, PRESIDENT