Comodynes innovates in 2001 with their Self-tanning towelettes for face and body that provides a natural, uniform tan in 3 hours, which lasts 4 days!

All Comodynes products are hypo-allergenic and have been dermatologically tested.

Responsible cosmetics. The packages are 100% recyclable and the manufacturing processes respect the environment.



Extend your tan! Just because summer is over doesn’t mean you have to give up that summer tan

Comodynes self-tanning is the self-tanning towelette that adapts the intensity of your tan to your natural skin tone. One towelette contains exactly the right amount of product for a natural, even tan for face, neck and cleavage.

Our clients review Comodynes

I got a sample of these tanning wipes in a subscription box. The tanner works well!

I like these because they are easy to use and come in darker shades for those of us with more olive in our skin. They don’t smell like most tanning products and they dry faster so it’s easy to apply at night after I shower.

I love these! I am normally a lovely shade of porcelain and I will burn before I tan in the sun so I like to use these to look like I don’t spend my days in a crypt.

The product perfectly matches the description. I am very satisfied with the natural and traceless results.

These wipes are very practical, I can take them everywhere. Very easy to use. The results are discrete, even on light skin tones. The tan only lasts for a few days and is easily removed after a few showers.

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